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Quantum Entanglement Practicum

In the quantum entanglement practicum, you will perform a Bell inequality measurement to demonstrate quantum entanglement.

The original idea of entanglement was proposed by Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen. You can download the article here (pdf 622 kB)  . Reading this article is part of the preparation for the practicum. Another article you should read is the article by Kwiat et al (pdf 1.4 MB)  that reports a quantum entanglement measurement with a setup very close to what you will be using.

You should also download and read the manual (pdf 6.0 MB)  we wrote for this lab.

We have also prepared lab instructions that can be downloaded here (pdf 2.7 MB) .

A video  explaining the role of each component in the setup will further help you understand the experiement.

A good introduction to quantum entanglement is given in these videos:
Entanglement history1  and history2 .

We also recommend these videos: entanglement part1 , part2 , part3 , part4 .

What you need to do before starting the lab

  1. Read the Einstein and the Kwiat articles.
  2. Watch the video on the setup
  3. Read the lab manual
  4. Read the lab instructions
  5. Think about all this and prepare questions.
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