Welcome to the quantum nano photonics group

The Quantum Nano Photonics (QNP) group is part of the Department of Applied Physics at the School of Engineering Sciences. We are located at the AlbaNova University Center

As a member of the Center of Quantum Materials  at KTH, QNP focuses on studying nanostructures at the single photon level. Both quantum emitters and quantum detectors are studied with the aim of developing new tools for quantum information processing. QNP's line of research within the Center of Quantum Materials, facilitates the development of new research directions at KTH with emphasis on quantum technology. The rich and diverse scientific community at KTH enables the center to promote excellence by stimulating strong collaboration beween theoretical and experimental studies.

Our work concentrates on novel nanostructures for optics at the single photon and single electron level, we study different systems: semiconducting nanowires, superconducting detectors, atomic-solid state hybrid systems with the aim of combining these systems in quantum information processing experiments.

Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation Grant, September 27, 2017

Congratulations to Prof. Val zwiller for receiving the Wallenberg foundation grant as the principal invistigator for “Quantum sensors” project. ( Read more)

Göran Gustafsson Prize in Physics, March 31, 2017

Congratulations to Prof. Val Zwiller for receiving the 2017 Göran Gustafssonprisen ( Read more).

Quantum Materials and Photonics seminar series

We are starting a new seminar series "Quantum Materials and Photonics”. The goal is to bring together influential researchers with high quality work to exchange research ideas and especially discuss possible joint future projects. The area of research we focus on include quantum optics, nano science and engineering, superconducting physics, photonics, and research that brings together these fields.

Confirmed speakers list :

Speaker           Day           Time             Room
Dr. Elia Strambini, NEST-Pisa, Italy           19/01/2017           11am-12noon              

Prof. Radek Łapkiewicz, University of Warsaw , Poland ( Abstract (pdf 314 kB) )

          08/02/2017           11am-12noon             FA32
Prof. Michał Zieliński, Fizyka UMK, Poland ( Abstract (pdf 203 kB) )           10/02/2017           11am-12noon             FA31

Prof. Wolfram Pernice, University of Muenster, Germany ( Abstract (pdf 11 kB) )

          14/02/2017           11am-12noon             FA32

Prof. Brian Gerardot, Heriot Watt University , UK ( Abstract (pdf 51 kB) )

          22/02/2017           11am-12noon             FA31

Prof. Stefan Kröll, Lund University, Sweden ( Abstract (pdf 162 kB) )

          08/03/2017           11am-12noon             FA31

Dr. Cathal Mahon, Qubiz, Denmark ( Asbtract (pdf 401 kB) )

          15/03/2017           11am-12noon             TBA

Prof. Andre Mysyrowicz, Laboratoire d'Optique Appliquée, France

          22/03/2017           1pm-2pm             FA31

Dr. Julien Claudon, CEA Grenoble, France ( Abstract (pdf 159 kB) )

          29/03/2017           1pm-2pm             FA31
Asst Prof. Kristinn Gylfason, KTH, Sweden ( Abstract (pdf 37 kB) )           19/04/2017           11am-12noon             FA31
Prof. Peter Michler, University of Stuttgart, Germany ( Abstract (pdf 57 kB) , Biography (pdf 21 kB) )           10/05/2017           11am-12noon             FA31
Prof. Anna Fontcuberta i Morral, EPFL, Switzerland ( Abstract (pdf 177 kB) )           17/05/2017           11am-12noon             FA31
Prof. Rinaldo Trotta, Johannes Kepler University, Austria ( Abstract (pdf 79 kB) , short CV (pdf 30 kB) )           24/05/2017           11am-12noon             FA32
Dr. Per-Erik Hellström, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden ( Abstract (pdf 324 kB) )           31/05/2017           11am-12noon             FB42
Prof. Roman Sobolewski, University of Rochester, USA ( Abstract (pdf 56 kB) )           23/08/2017           11am-12noon             FB41
Prof. Leigh Morris Smith, University of Cincinnati, USA ( Abstract (pdf 29 kB) )           29/08/2017           11am-12noon             FA32
Dr. Tero Kulmala, SwissLitho, Switzerland ( Abstract (pdf 431 kB) )           20/09/2017           11am-12noon             FA32
Prof. Per Delsing, Chalmers University of Technology, ( Abstract (pdf 412 kB) )           04/10/2017           11am-12noon             FA32
Prof. Göran Johansson, Chalmers University of Technology,( Abstract (pdf 35 kB) )           11/10/2017           9am-10am             FA32
Dr. Gilles Nogues, NEEL CNRS , Abstract (pdf 308 kB)           18/10/2017           11am-12noon             FA32
Prof. Alex Hayat,  Israel Institute of Technology Technion Abstract (pdf 205 kB)           13/11/2017           3pm-5pm             FA31

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