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Our research

The Quantum Nano Photonics (QNP) group is part of the Department of Applied Physics at the School of Engineering Sciences . We are located at the AlbaNova University Center

As a member of the Quantum and Biophotonics (QBP) unit at KTH, QNP focuses on studying nanostructures at the single photon level. Both quantum emitters and quantum detectors are studied with the aim of developing new tools for quantum information processing. QNP's line of research within QBP facilitates the development of new research directions at KTH with emphasis on quantum technology. The rich and diverse scientific community at KTH enables the center to promote excellence by stimulating strong collaboration beween theoretical and experimental studies.

Our work concentrates on novel nanostructures for optics at the single photon and single electron level, we study different systems: semiconducting nanowires, superconducting detectors, atomic-solid state hybrid systems with the aim of combining these systems in quantum information processing experiments.

Our research projects