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Integrated Quantum Nanophotonics

Hybrid quantum photonic circuit consisting of a IIIV nanowire QD embedded in SiN waveguide evanescently coupled to a ring resonator. Figure Adapted from Nature Communications, volume 8, Article number: 379 (2017).

Utilizing the quantum nature of photons and entanglement has so far been limited to small number of qubits, and was only performed on table-top experimental setups composed of a large number of macroscopic components. The ultimate goal is to perform different qubit operations on integrated chips, which includes generation, manipulation and detection. This goal critically depends on the development of high performance photonic elements. Here at the Quantum nanophotonics group, we focus on merging CMOS compatibility and III-V quantum sources while exploiting the best of both worlds. We deterministically integrated single quantum sources using a “nanomanipulator" in a SiN photonic circuit with high efficiency. The developed approach is an important step for implementing scalable integrated quantum optical circuits, which has potential for many quantum technologies, all on a CMOS compatible platform.


Students interested in this project are welcome to contact Dr. Ali Elshaari.


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