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Nanowire Quantum LED

Artistic view of a single quantum dot in a nanowire.

Semiconductor nanowires have strong potentials for merging quantum optics and quantum transport. We study quantum dots in nanowires that are defined by heterostructures, a thin layer of a low bandgap material such as GaInAsP in an InP nanowire can be grown using epitaxial growth techniques. Our optical studies have demonstrated high quality quantum dots with narrow emission linewidth, single photon generation and spin memory. By controlling the shape of the nanowire, very high extraction efficiencies can be reached.

Artistic view of a single nanowire LED.

Based on the successful photoluminescence studies of quantum dots in nanowires, we are developing a quantum light emitting diode. This is a single electron to single photon interface, with proper selection rules, the electron to photon conversion can be made coherent. Additionally the process is reversible and a single photon of a given polarization could generate a single electron of a given spin orientation.


Students interested in this project are welcome to contact Dr. Lily Yang.

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